eat. drink. paint.

Looking for a fun night out? Come eat, drink and paint with us at Palettes Natick located at 29 Main Street in Natick, MA. No painting experience is needed, REALLY! One of our talented instructors will walk you through the painting step by step while you enjoy a glass of wine, a craft brew or a house infused water, as well as delicious nibbles. Sign up to paint on your own or block out a table with some friends.


Private Party Catering Menu

Minimum 15 guests 

**if you are interested in having catering for one of our regularly scheduled events (Wed-Sat nights, Sunday Family Paint) please call or email. We will do our best to accommodate you!**



O’Keefe: Fresh and light blossom of veggies, fruit and dip: $30 small tray (6-8pp) | $60 large tray (15pp) | $58 for 2+ trays

Picasso: Abstract palette of cheeses, fruits and condiments with assorted crackers*: DELUXE $28 small tray (6-8pp) | $60 large tray (15pp) | $58 each 2+ trays; GOURMET $40 small tray (6-8pp) | $75 large tray (15pp) | $72 each 2+ trays

Renoir: Panorama of savory crepes filled with turkey/brie/apple/chutney, fresh chicken caprese or chicken BLT, tuna salad/avocado or tuna fish/seaweed/spicy carrots, roast beef/sautéed peppers, grilled veg/eggplant spread or Italian potato/peppers: $8.95/pp

Caravaggio: Spalla’s hot Chicago Italian beef sandwiches**, self-served, with provolone slices, sautéed sweet peppers, hot giardiniera on the side, and a bag of chips: $6.95/pp lunch, $7.95/pp dinner

Seurat: Picnic of grilled chicken kabobs, cornbread squares with honey butter, cucumber salad & minted fruit salad: $9.95/pp

Da Vinci: Palette of Italian meats and cheeses, antipasti, bruschetta and freshly baked crostini**: $40 small tray (6-8pp) | $85 large tray (15+pp) | $82 each 2+ trays

Warhol: Hot Dogs**, Chicago Dog toppings, Chili & cheddar OR Baked Beans & Bacon, chips, Italian ice cups: $5.95/pp Ice/slush is gluten/dairy/fat-free

Chagall: Mosaic of freshly made vegetarian deli salads; choices include quinoa/chickpea, picnic beet veg (no mayo), potato, cole slaw, seaweed, pasta, spicy carrot, buckwheat & mushroom: Served a la cart $5.45/pp served with pickle spear and lettuce wraps or vegetarian crisps, minimum of 4pp per salad choice

Kandinsky: Abstract variety of Russian piroshki (pastry puff turnovers) stuffed with potato dill, cabbage, cheese, meat, potato onion mushroom: Appetizer sized 3- 4 pieces/pp, $20 small tray (8pp) | $45 large tray (15pp) | $42 each 2+ trays

Miro: Canvas of dessert crepes filled with caramel apple, strawberry jam & fluff, chocolate banana, fruited poppyseed, or cherry jam & sour cream: $35 small tray (8pp) | $70 large tray (15pp) | $68 each 2+ trays



Hot Dog Hero: Steamer of dogs & buns**, toppings, chips or Spalla’s Italian Ice cup: $4.50/pp

Macaroni Kid: Freshly baked home-made mac & cheese: $3.50/pp w/bacon $4.50/pp

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom: Freshly grilled chicken kabob with dipping sauces: $4.50/pp

Twister: Warm soft pretzel with dipping sauces (cheese, honey mustard, caramel, sprinkles): $3.50/pp



Desserts (minimum order 8pp (per item)

Miro: Canvas of dessert crepes filled with caramel apple, strawberry jam & fluff, chocolate banana, fruited poppyseed, or cherry jam & sour cream: $35 small tray (8pp) | $70 large tray (15pp) | $68 each 2+ trays

Rothko Parfaits: Yogurt cups with variety of toppings for individual selection: $2.50 each

Brownies & Blondies: $2.25 each (specify nutless brownie variety or mix brownie/blondie)

Rice Krispie Treats: $2.00 each (gourmet vanilla or custom add-ins (chips/sprinkles/candy)

S’more’s Station: Graham crackers**, fluff, chocolate or Nutella, flavored chips, and peanut butter & jelly: $3.50/pp

Cupcake or Cookie Creation Station: Frostings & sprinkles supplied: $3.50/pp

Al Fresco: Fresh chunky fruit salad: $3.50/pp

DIY Cannoli: Freshly made annoli bar... filling, shells*, chips, nuts: $3.50pp

Cookies/Cakes/pies/crisps… custom upon request.


**Please inform us if you have any allergies! Everything is prepared nut-free unless nuts are requested, like in brownies or a cake. Gluten free bread substitutions are available where indicated.


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